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Reliable shipping at a consistent and fair price is the cornerstone of just about every successful business model. This concept is the core of our philosophy at Merchant Logistics. We understand that businesses need reliable transportation in order to thrive and we have built our logistics services around that need.

Freight Forwarder Near Me

Merchant Logistics LLC is a freight broker that serves businesses in the Sacramento and Modesto areas. We primarily provide palletized freight shipments for weight ranges from 100 lbs. to 22 tons.

While our primary hub is located in central California, we have access to over 4,000 trucks located throughout the country. Due to the large number of trucks at our disposal, we can offer swift delivery to any domestic location. Efficient freight forwarding techniques reduce lost time during truck transfers and increase the speed of deliveries.


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Published on October 29th, 2017
Sacramento, California

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We also offer reliability of price. Our large client base and large truck fleet allows us to ship efficiently, saving money. These savings are passed on to our clients. Furthermore, we maintain air and rail contracts. The ability to provide alternate transportation gives clients flexibility both in shipping times and in costs.

Not only are our prices highly competitive, but we also offer 100% billing accuracy and will answer any questions about price before, during, or after shipment.

Specialty Transportation Available

One of the many things that makes us a trusted freight broker in Sacramento and Modesto is our ability to provide specialized service. In addition to offering air and rail transportation, both as a way to potentially reduce costs and as a way to potentially increase speed, we also provide transportation for goods that require specialized support.

For perishable items, including food and medical supplies, we offer refrigerated trucks. We also offer flatbeds that are ideal for transporting large, even oversized, equipment.

Another popular specialized service that we offer is LTL (less-than-truckload) service. This service allows businesses to ship smaller freight shipments. Due to the large size of our client base and the extensive fleet of trucks we command, clients using LTL will not need to pay a premium for using less space, nor will shipments be delayed.

Full Service Logistics Provider

At Merchant Logistics, we aren’t just a freight broker, we are a full service logistics provider. That means that we provide a variety of support services for your freight transportation, including:

  • Pick Up & Delivery – When clients ship through Merchant Logistics, our experience support staff will make all the arrangements to pick up and deliver freight. Our trucks can load and unload anywhere, allowing literal door to door service. Clients can even request a specific time for delivery.
  • Tracking – Tracking is a critical part of our business. We require our carriers to provide precise details during any exchange of goods and to keep us up to date throughout the transportation. We always update tracking information immediately so that clients know exactly where their shipment is at any time.
  • Documentation – Filling out paperwork is time consuming and costly for businesses that are not familiar with the red tape and regulations surrounding freight transportation. At Merchant Logistics we complete all the documentation for our clients. Our staff provide clients with a bill of lading, proof of delivery, and rate confirmation forms every time they ship with us.
  • Education & Consultation – Many of our first time clients are highly unfamiliar with the regulations regarding interstate or even international (for those shipping to Canada) shipping. Our experienced support team provides unlimited consultation and education on these topics to ensure that our clients fully understand the procedures and regulations. And if they ever need assistance, we are always available to solve problems or make suggestions.
  • Insurance – While we take every possible effort to protect the shipments of our clients, accidents happens. In the very rare cases that a shipment gets lost or damaged, we are fully insured for all losses. We carry insurance that is more extensive than the minimum requirements. Clients are not only fully covered for their losses, but we also handle every step of the claim process for their convenience.

Save Money Today

Comprehensive logistics provider services from Merchant Logistics save money for our clients. With our extensive resources and experience, we are able to offer our clients lower prices and faster shipping than they would enjoy if they provided their own freight transportation.

If you own a business that needs freight shipping in the Sacramento or Modesto area, call today for more information and a no-obligation quote that can get you started right way on faster, cheaper, and more reliable logistics services.


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